Guide To Reset Your Genshin Progress

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The Genshin Impact video game was launched in 2020, and it gained popularity from all around the world because of its anime characters, graphics, spells, freedom to do various actions, etc. The basic version of this game is free of cost and allows gamers to choose any character to start playing. 

However, many gamers have issues with the lower statistics or ratings of any character, and they want to change that. But this game does not have the option of RESTART.

Then, how do you reset your Genshin progress? You can reset your progress by using a different email ID or account. Add your new email ID to the mobile or PC game account and make a new profile on it. Or, you have the option of using a new server that will erase all the previous server data. All set to go with a new gaming character or new challenges.

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Here, we will discuss all the steps for effective rerolling of this award-winning video game. Enjoy 5-star characters like Jean, Diluc, etc. Stay with us.

Resetting your Genshin Progress on Mobiles and PCs

Resetting Genshin’s progress is also termed as rerolling. But why does any player need to consider rerolling in this game? Because at the beginning of the Genshin, you have to select characters from available options that will be chosen as yours. 

But, after playing the game with the selected characters, they don’t get the desired performance levels.

It gives the need to reset their progress to have a fresh start with a new character. The right way of resetting their Genshin progress needs the following steps. 

1. Using a New Email ID or New Account

For this method, you need to have a new email ID to create your new account, and then you can perform the below steps. If you do not have a new ID, then make a new one. Follow these steps to move further.

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Step 1: Access the Genshin Impact website by using any web browser.

Step 2: Choose the log-in option, and from the pop-up window, choose the “Register Now” option.

Step3: Complete the forms by adding the new email address and password

Step 4: Log out from your old account by opening the game.

Step 5: With the help of a new email address and password, sign in to your new account.

Step 6. From the PROLOG, begin your game.

2. Using a New Account

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Here is another way to reset the progress by setting up a new account with the following steps:

Step 1: Choose the “Door” option by opening the game.

Step 2: Press the “OK” option to log out.

Step 3: From the pop-up option, choose “Register Now.”

Step 4: Add all the required information and then press the” Register” option.

Step 5: Open the game from your new account and reach level 5 to start the game. 

3. Server Alteration

You can also take a new start in Genshin Impact by changing your server. This method is only recommended if you are before level 10 because there will be no previous server data or character upgrades when you run the game with a  new server. 

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Here are the simple steps to start the game with the first stage with a new server:

Step 1: Log in to your account by launching the game.

Step 2: Now choose the option “Server name.”

Step 3: A list will appear; now select the server you want to use.

Step 4: After choosing the server, press the button “Confirm”.

Step 5: Now, play the game again from the first stage.

Resetting your Genshin Progress on Nintendo Switch & PlayStation

Gamers cannot reset their progress on Nintendo or PlayStation by using a new account, as they don’t have the option of deleting an older one. If you are a player on these platforms, then you need to consult the customer support services to reset the game. You don’t have any other option that you can perform by yourself for resetting the game progress. 

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Consequences of Resetting Genshin Progress

Before applying any of the above-mentioned methods, a gamer must keep in mind the consequences of resetting the Genshin progress:

  • You will lose all your progress by deleting all the characters that you achieved so far.
  • After resetting the game, you have to perform the initial steps again. This means you need to go through the tutorial and the initial quests one more time.
  • All the unlocked features or regions of the games will be lost, and you will have to unlock them again.
  • You will get a new UID, and the friends and co-op progress that were with the previous UID will be lost.
  • You cannot recover your data once you reset your progress. 

Frequently Asked Question

Is rerolling allowed in Genshin Impact?

Yes, it is allowed by the developer of the game that players can reset or reroll their progress in this game. Thus, you can play this game with improved performance to get more rewards. However, you need to use a new email ID or server for resetting your progress. 

Can I reroll my Genshin progress on PS accounts?

No, PlayStation accounts do not allow rerolling. Rerolling requires the use of a new email ID. PS accounts are linked with just a gamer’s PlayStation Network account, and you cannot change it. Rerolling is only possible if you are playing this game on mobiles or PC, as you have the option of changing your email IDs there. 

Why do I need to use a new email ID for rerolling?

Your old email ID is associated with the profile of your game, and the selected character is linked with your profile. By using a new email ID, your mobile or computer will not remember your previous profile, and you will get a chance to set up a new profile to reset all your game progress.

What is the right time for resetting Genshin’s progress?

Resetting the Genshin progress will cause you to lose your previous progress, so if you are at level 50, this progress is usually covered by gamers in around one and a half months. 

Thus, it is pointless to start over again. However, if you are at the beginning levels, like at level 5, then you can reach this level again by playing the game for 30 more minutes. This is, therefore, the right time to reset it if you are not satisfied with your character or game progress. 



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For a real gamer, clearing up the levels with an exemplary gaming character is a matter of life and death. You don’t need to worry if you find yourself with the wrong character in the Genshin Impact. 

The ways mentioned above effectively reset your Genshin progress and then give you the freedom to make a new start as you wished before. Enjoy your gaming experience with simple yet effective tricks, and get fun.

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