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I got everything i wanted!


Delivered in an instant. I did not expect that. Your service is so fast and accurate.

Awesome and fast

Was a bit skeptical but it's legit. Fast delivery and good communication.


It's really legit, I got after payment payment instant also I got everything the problem is Ar 47 so enemy is strong and the character are so Week that you will die without getting help you can't build any character so I wanna think when you buy the account basically Trash Without build.


This is honestly one of the best genshin reroll accounts i’ve bought ever. Came as advertised and I got the account info the SECOND I bought it. Thank you <3 :3

It came instantly! Very good I will buy for them again!

Best sellers

Again, best sellers existing and fastest delivery so far. Legit and quick.

Buena página

Me llegó todo como lo decía la página

300+ wishes acc

received instantly, tho is a bit too expensive for a hacked account

my discord :seik0_pngtuber

got everything that i wanted!

Everything ok as ordered.

The product promises, and does everything as promised. The account comes with a lot of features to make it even stronger.

like it

it had everything i wanted ✨

Misunderstood but great

Turns out the user and pass is the license thingy and it doesn't specifically say "username and password." got it immediately and the staff was really nice and helpful 🙂


Should try, worth it.


Very fast delivery

I recommend!

I got myhu tao account in very little time.


Received within a few hours and got straight to grinding, although the world level is so high compared to the very low level characters the account comes with which makes it fairly difficult if u don't have a main acc or a friend to help you out.

Took a little while

It took a little while but it had everything listed

Really quick and came with everything I wanted :)!! Highly recommend

Best seller

10/10 would recommend


got the account instantly and got all the stuff I wanted!

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