A Guide To Reroll In Gacha Games

In Gacha games, rerolling brings more and more pulls to the gamers. Actually, it involves repeatedly restarting the game with a new account to obtain better starting characters or items. Further, while rerolling seems boring to some, it is a strategic process that gives players an advantage, especially at the beginning of their gacha journey.

On the other hand, when starting a new gacha game, players are often given free rolls or currencies to summon new characters. However, understanding rerolls in gacha games allows players to bypass bad luck and obtain rare top-tier characters that take months to acquire otherwise.

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If you are a player, you can efficiently try your luck again by deleting your account and re-running the tutorial for a new starter roll until you are satisfied. This article will discuss the basics, benefits, and procedures of rerolls in gacha games.

Rerolls in Gacha Games: Successful Rerolls

Rerolling has become a common practice among players of gacha games, aiming to optimize their chances of obtaining powerful characters or pulls/items. But what is rerolling, and how can it be used to maximize success in these games?

Initial Summons Are Important

In most Gacha games, players receive one or more resources after completing the tutorial, which can be used for a free randomized summoning. Moreover, it is necessary to differentiate between this initial and tutorial summoning, as they often produce contrasting results.

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For example, the tutorial summoning may provide predetermined characters or items, while the initial summoning offers a chance at obtaining higher-quality rewards. Understanding this distinction lets you determine when to reset your progress if the initial summoning doesn’t meet your expectations.

Bulk Summoning Strategies

Even though the initial summoning plays an essential role in rerolling, sometimes it results in a different result. However, some Gacha games offer opportunities to obtain premium currency, which may be used to purchase summoning packs for bulk summonings. As a result of the packs, players have multiple summoning opportunities, increasing the chances of getting powerful and unique characters.

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Mastering the Reset Process

You usually reset your progress when rerolling so the summoning process can begin from scratch. Depending on the game, the reset process varies greatly. Therefore, some games have built-in rerolling features, making it possible to reset your progress within minutes. 


Generally, your progress may need to be reset by uninstalling and reinstalling the game, or other steps may be required. Simply put, rerolling a game requires understanding the reset process, and keeping the installation file external simplifies it.

Considerations for Patience and Persistence

Rerolling requires patience and perseverance, especially in Gacha games with lengthy tutorials or limited initial summonings. Ultimately, it is essential to determine whether the potential rewards of rerolling outweigh the effort and time required.  

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Also, some games implement restrictions to prevent excessive rerolling, such as reset restrictions or a limited amount of premium currency available, so you should plan your rerolling strategy accordingly. 

When to Reroll in Gacha Games

Rerolling requires careful timing and strategy to use the tactic to its full potential. You may want to reroll your gacha game account in the following situations:


At the Very Beginning

Rerolling at the start of a new gacha game allows you to maximize special introductory rewards and set up a powerful account.

  • Get free premium currency, discounts, and bonus loot boxes.
  • As most gacha games provide gifts and perks initially, rerolling is ideal.
  • Reroll until you get ultra-rare and strong characters.
  • Top-tier characters avoid grinds and leveling weaker characters. 
  • Long-term advantage can snowball from early progress.

During Limited Collabs

There are several benefits to rerolling during limited-time collaboration events with exclusive characters.

  • Short-term events introduce rare characters and bonuses.
  • The gacha banner and perks disappear after the event ends. 
  • Rerolling gives you the best chance to get limited-edition collab characters.
  • It creates FOMO pressure to obtain exclusives.
  • Collabs are great rerolling opportunities if you value rare collectibles and power.
  • But be aware they are infrequent – you must act fast to maximize gains.


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Is Rerolling Worth It? Factors to Consider

When starting a new gacha game, rerolling can be an appealing strategy to maximize your chances of getting powerful characters. However, assessing whether the effort is truly worth it is essential. Here are some key factors to consider:

Ease of Process

Rerolling is beneficial mainly when it’s quick and easy since some games let you skip tutorials and cutscenes, allowing for fast and easy creation. However, if rerolling requires 30 minutes or more of repetitive gameplay for each attempt, it may not be worth the time. 

Pity Systems

In some games, pity counters are carried over from account to account, so whether you start over or continue with an existing account, you are guaranteed to get the same rate-up unit regardless of where you start. Without a safety net, one lucky reroll may be enough to obtain a desired character; however, each reset increases your chances significantly.

Meta Impact

Typically, rerolling efforts are justified when you want to target top-tier DPS carriers or versatile support units. These characters significantly impact gameplay throughout the game and can greatly accelerate your progress. In contrast, commonly recruited characters may be less valuable right away since substitutes can temporarily fill their roles. 

Also, consider rerolls that involve game-changing characters instead of easy-to-replace ones.

Targeted Units

In particular, rerolling is worth it if you aim for a limited edition unit that impacts the game’s meta. Further, these characters often have powerful skills and superior stats, giving you a significant advantage. Conversely, the long-term value of usual pool units is minimal, so it’s best to focus on rerolls that can provide genuinely impactful characters instead.

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Pros and Cons of Rerolling in Gacha Games

Gacha games have popularized the strategy of rolling accounts to gain an advantage over your opponents. However, is it the right strategy for you? Here is an analysis of the pros and cons of rerolling:

Pros of Rerolling

  • Progressing without leveling up weaker characters saves time.
  • You can start with a fantastic roster that usually takes months to build.
  • A powerful team lets you quickly complete story chapters and events.
  • By rerolling, you can keep summoning until you get a top-tier character.
  • Start with the heroes you want rather than relying on luck.
  • Gacha games present free summons, currency, stamina refills, and xp boosts.
  • Limited launch bonuses and special events are prime times to reroll an account.
  • Reroll banners until you find a waifu or husbando you like.

Cons of Rerolling

  • Restarting from scratch and deleting all accounts can take hours or even days.
  • Rerolls are not effective when free rolls limit transfers or bind accounts.
  • Each reroll means slower advancement and fewer resources.
  • Players quit before starting due to hundreds of rerolls.
  • Top rarity characters require grinding through the tutorial.

Bottom Line

Rerolling in gacha games can be a smart move or a waste of time, depending on how committed you are, what you want to achieve, and your specific game. While understanding rerolls in gacha games helps you get rare characters and skip early grinds, too much of it makes the game repetitive. 

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Likewise, treat rerolling as a focused method to improve efficiency, not a chore that never ends. You can enhance your early game experience by having realistic expectations and timing your rerolls during special events, but do just what is necessary, or you’ll burn out.

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