Cyno Account: Genshin Starter Account


Genshin Account [Cyno]
Adventure Rank 10
2-6 Random 4โ˜… (Character/Weapon)
Random Gender
Beginner Banner Untouched
*Please indicate the Limited 5โ˜… in checkout

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โ™ฆ Cyno Account

Cyno account comes with your chosen option if any, and some random 4-stars (either character or weapon). It is NOTย inclusive of any wishes content. (Primogems/Acquaint/Intertwined)

โ™ฆ Custom Starter Account

For more advance option or customize your own Genshin Starter Account (< Click)

โ™ฆ Notice

The game company has placed new trading restrictions to prevent account trading. You may experience the issue of โ€œToo many requestsโ€ (by chance) and will need to do an extra step to login. We will email with instructions to get over this.ย 

How does it work?

hutao choose

Checkout with the accounts selected for purchase

furina wait

Login details emailed usually within minutes, up to 24hrs

hutao choose

Login with username and password, start playing!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
10/10 would recommend

Finally I decided to get an account for myself! I was able to request the standard 5 star I wanted and got everything promised. Sometimes you need to wait, since they have a different time zone, but overall it was quick and with no problems. If you have any questions before the purchase don't hesitate to mail them and ask your questions!

Aaliyah Hatch

Everything was smooth and went well I got everything I wanted!

Sasha Rosario

I got it and I love it tt so worth it

Hello, we have sent your order earlier but It probably went into spam/junks folder of your email which is why you have missed it. But not to worry, we have sent another email with your login details just now. Please update and let us know if you still couldn't find the email, alternatively you can reach us on our discord/tiktok/IG. Have a nice day ^_^

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