Genshin Impact Account NA: Triple 5★ characters with rerolled primogems


Genshin Impact Account NA
♦ Adventure Rank 43-48
♦ 5-15 Random 4★ (Character/Weapon)
♦ Inazuma/Sumeru unlocked
♦ 40000-45000 Primogems
♦ 70-90 Acquaint Fates
♦ 39-60 Intertwined Fates

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Genshin Impact Account NA: Triple 5★

Genshin Impact Account comes with Triple 5★ and your chosen option if any, as well as some random 4-stars (either character or weapon). Random 5★ are from standard banner only


Character with wishes account are suitable for players with certain level of knowledge on Genshin Impact because you will start with higher world level, which will make it more difficult for beginners to learn the basic. We will recommend you to checkout our Genshin Starter Account if you are a beginner.

 Farmed Account

Account is pre-farmed by exploring and opening of chests, completing quests, solving puzzles, code redemption and mailbox claiming of free primogems rewards

How does it work?

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Checkout with the accounts selected for purchase

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Login details emailed usually within minutes, up to 24hrs

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Login with username and password, start playing!

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Danilo Ramos
Everything ok as ordered.

The product promises, and does everything as promised. The account comes with a lot of features to make it even stronger.

Jorge Guevara

I love my new account! U r the beat!

I'm so happy!

Its so worth it! Great value!!! Out of stock of the characters i wanted but had other options for me to choose from and it's an easy process!

John Nicolas Paderon

Thank you! I got what I ordered!😊

Francisco Martinez
Awesome deal on a new account but,

Kinda wish the characters you ask for were built upon arrival. Don’t get me wrong, having access to 3 amazing 5 stars and tons of wishes and 3 years exploration being eliminated is great, but I’d happily pay more to have the characters built up since you’re actually at a disadvantage without another account to hard carry this one. A new person wouldn’t even be able to do anything since the enemies are lvl 80-90 and you only have the first 4 characters you get at lvl 40. Amazing service, just would suggest an option to pay more for the selected 5 stars to be leveled.

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