Nahida Genshin Account: Nahida with rerolled primogems


Genshin Account: Nahida 5★ + Wishes
Adventure Rank 50+
Fontaine/Sumeru unlocked
36000-42000 Primogems
70-90 Acquaint Fates
35-50 Intertwined Fates

Pay in your currency

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✦ Genshin Impact - Nahida Genshin Account

Nahida Genshin account come with your chosen option if any, and some random 4-stars (either character or weapon). Random 5★ are from standard banner only


Character with wishes account are suitable for players with certain level of knowledge on Genshin Impact because you will start with higher world level, which will make it more difficult for beginners to learn the basic. We will recommend you to checkout our Starter Nahida account if you are a beginner.

✦ Security & Compatibility

Account is fully yours after changing password and linking it to your own email. Configure login creditials here: Hoyoverse Login
Will work on iOS, Android, PC

How does it work?

Hoyoverse login

Hoyoverse Login, Safe Account

Our Genshin Impact Accounts do not have email and socials linked, it will be 100% yours after purchase

Hoyoverse account login

How to get your Order

1. Find “License key” from the order email received
2. Its the Login Details of the ordered account
3. Format: Username—-Password
4. Else it will be emailed manually within 24hrs

Genshin login

What to do next

1. Login to the game using the license key received
2. Check account first before you bind email to it
3. Click “x” on top right to skip email linking first
4. Once done, link your email and change password

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Baruc Jerez Pérez
Rápido y efectivo

Tardó unas horitas en llegar pero todo perfecto!


Everything was on the account as promised and most of the map was complete and nearly all 100%. It also only took approximately 30 minutes too so the process is quite quick. The only issue is that the characters are very underlevelled as they were level 40 at AR 49 with level 20 weapons but this can easily be resolved if you coop with friends who can help or a higher level account. Other than that I would definitely recommend this if you want to play with specific characters and are quite familiar with the game.


the process was very simple and its was just as promised 🙂

John smith
Amazing and very thorough

This was very much worth every penny. I was just expecting to have the character and a couple of wishes but for me the first three nations were almost 100% already, more explored than I have on my main! The only issue was that the characters I had were very underlevelled (level 50 with lvl 20 weapons at AR 48) but this was easily solved with a couple of coops from my higher level account. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to play with a specific character.

Ba Quan Dang
Nice Account

The account was perfect and I also get another 5 star char just within 10 pulls. Love it! 10/10

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