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Genshin Account [Navia]
Adventure Rank 10
2-6 Random 4โ˜… (Character/Weapon)
Random Gender
Beginner Banner Untouched
*Please indicate the Limited 5โ˜… in checkout

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โ™ฆ Navia Account

Navia account comes with your chosen option if any, and some random 4-stars (either character or weapon). It is NOTย inclusive of any wishes content. (Primogems/Acquaint/Intertwined)

โ™ฆ Custom Starter Account

For more advance option or customize your own Genshin Starter Account (< Click)

โ™ฆ Notice

The game company has placed new trading restrictions to prevent account trading. You may experience the issue of โ€œToo many requestsโ€ (by chance) and will need to do an extra step to login. We will email with instructions to get over this.ย 

How does it work?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Very trustworthy

I've bought several accounts from this website, gotta say very trustworthy and definetly worth it! :3

Julio Cesar Sandoval Alvarez
Navia Starter Acc.

A very good place to get your starter account. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and i hope you keep with the great work!

Navia+Veredic5* & Mona !

Start with Navia and her weapon! incredible, and with my 2nd Main Mona!! are the only thing I need!
and a plus! Female Traveler
way to get mona along with Navia and weapon (in my case), I sent a message, he explained how to buy and that's it! already enjoying a charming world, full of protogems to collect and accompanied by Navia, Mona and the traveling woman
and super cheap! (on any other site, ordering 2 limited 5* + random 5* (selected in this case) would be around 30-45 dollars
thank you Vicotor.o! wish you all the best !


I always wanted to start the game fresh with my wife NAVIAAAA, thanks for creating this awesome site for us!

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