Raiden Shogun Account: Genshin Starter Account


Genshin Account [Raiden Shogun]
Adventure Rank 10
2-6 Random 4โ˜… (Character/Weapon)
Random Gender
Beginner Banner Untouched
*Please indicate the Limited 5โ˜… in checkout

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โ™ฆ Raiden Shogun Account

Raiden Shogun account comes with your chosen option if any, and some random 4-stars (either character or weapon). It is NOTย inclusive of any wishes content. (Primogems/Acquaint/Intertwined)

โ™ฆ Custom Starter Account

For more advance option or customize your own Genshin Starter Account (< Click)

โ™ฆ Notice

The game company has placed new trading restrictions to prevent account trading. You may experience the issue of โ€œToo many requestsโ€ (by chance) and will need to do an extra step to login. We will email with instructions to get over this.ย 

How does it work?

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Login details emailed usually within minutes, up to 24hrs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
i love it

it was my first time purchasing and heck yeah i am very satisfied! the seller is very trustworthy.

Madhesh Dcivil

It's very good and perfect

Zulfiyya Alkhanova

its just perfect

Mr. Jin

I hesitated and doubted at first but the account came through in just minutes. Hopefully, I can play this for a long time with my favorite character in this alt acct

ZuKo _98
ratio, price, quality <โ (๏ฟฃโ ๏ธถโ ๏ฟฃโ )โ > ๐Ÿ’ฏ/10

very nicely done system and cheap, I bought an account with simple Raiden and I also received other 4 decent characters for the price of 3 euros .... it's a pity that I couldn't make the purchase for my account

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