5-Star Standard Character: Wuthering Waves Reroll Account


Wuthering Waves Reroll Account: Standard Banner 5★
Union level 3-5
Random Rover Gender
5 Selector Ticket Available
Comes with Outlook Email

Pay in your currency

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✦ Wuthering Waves Reroll Account

This is a Wuthering Waves Account that comes with your chosen 5-star standard banner character, and random 4-stars (either character or weapon). It is NOT inclusive of any convenes resources. No Astrites, Lustrous, Raidant or Forging Tide

Custom Starter Account

For more advance option or customize your own Wuthering Waves Starter Account (< Click)

✦ Security & Compatibility

Account is fully yours after changing password of email or change it to your own email. Sign in to your outlook email account: Outlook Login
Will work on iOS, Android, PC

How does it work?

wuthering waves novice convene banner

Novice Convene 50/50 Available

Our Wuthering Waves Reroll Account still has its Novice banner, assuring you a 5 star character!


How to get your Order

1. Find “License key” from the order email received
2. Its the Login Details of the ordered account
3. Format: Email—-Password—-Email Password
4. Else it will be emailed manually within 24hrs

Wuthering Waves Account login

What to do next

1. Login to the game using the license key received
2. Sign in to outlook email and change password
3. Change the password of the account 
4. Once done, the account is completely yours

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